Grimsby Institute Applying For a Room

Both prospective students and returning students may apply for a room/place within our Halls of Residence. Applying for a room is easy!

Applications for the 2022/23 academic year open 1st February 2022!

Applying for full-time or short-term stay 2022/23

Full-time Students

The licence period for the full academic year 2022-2023 will be for a standard 39 weeks.

When making an online application:

  1. Please make sure you accurately complete all of the requested information on the application form.
  2. You don’t have to have an unconditional offer before making an application.
  3. Please ensure you know which rooms you would like to be your first and second choices. This might mean you want to visit and look round the halls, please get in touch to arrange this. If you need a specific type of room due to a disability or medical reason, please include this in your application.
  4. Once you have submitted your application you will receive an email confirmation. You will usually receive your accommodation offer in June.

When you receive your offer:
This offer email will detail your hall, the room type and the total for your 39-week term. Full details of how to secure your room will also be included.

  • You will be provided with an arrival date and check-in information.
  • You will need to provide a £250 booking fee in order to secure your place, which becomes your deposit when you move in and is refundable at the end of your stay. The accommodation fees are inclusive of all bills and facilities so there are no unexpected costs to worry about.
  • Rooms are allocated by preference and every offer made will try to meet all the requests outlined in the application.

How to pay:
To help you manage your budget, accommodation fees can be spread across the whole year and paid in either three, equal termly instalments – normally September, January and April – or nine, equal monthly instalments commencing in September and ending in May.

Accommodation fees can, of course, be paid in one go in September if that is your preference.


If you have been successfully accepted onto a course at the Grimsby Institute you can make an application for short stay within the Halls of Residence. This can be any length of time from two weeks to a few months. Please contact the Accommodation Team for further information or to book a stay with us.

If you are an employer wishing to book a place for any apprentices studying at the Grimsby Institute please contact us directly to make a booking and for any further information.