Educating Yorkshire’s Musharaf Asghar Visits Grimsby Institute To Hold Inspiring Talk For Learners

Musharaf Asghar, who appeared in Channel 4’s Educating Yorkshire, visited the Grimsby Institute to speak to learners and staff across campus. His talk, “Finding My Voice” was all about his experience in education and how the teachers he’s worked with changed his life. Mushraf’s time on the programme focused on his stammer and how it impacted his education; whereas now, he wears his stammer as a badge of honour. Musharaf calls himself a “proud stammerer” in his Twitter bio and posts regularly on YouTube about his experiences. He also recently graduated from university and posted a heartfelt note to his former teachers, writing: “I can’t sum up in words how proud I am and how much my teachers’ changed my life. You can truly achieve anything you put your mind to!”

Musharaf said: “I spoke today about the power of education and how it helped me when I was younger. I wanted to show students who are thinking of going into education how important a teacher can be, and how they can support students who might be struggling like I was.” 

Jemma Gill, HE Skills and Employability Tutor, said: “The event was amazing! There were lots of laughs, a few tears but everyone left with a better understanding of just how important teachers are in the lives of their students. I think especially for our PGCE students, it re-affirmed that passion and drive to help others and will hopefully spur them on to a career in education.” 

Jayne Thomas, Skills and Employability Tutor, said: “When I was studying for my PGCE during the pandemic, I saw one of Musharaf’s virtual talks. It really helped me understand the role of teachers in the lives of their students, specifically SEN students. It was wonderful to have Musharaf with us today. 

Matthew Pickett, one of our FdA TV Production students, said: “I really enjoyed Musharaf’s talk. It really helped with my communication skills and building confidence. It also gave me an insight into how sometimes adversity can be a good thing and it can teach you lessons and help make you a stronger and kinder person.”