The Executive Management Team (EMT)

The TEC Partnership's senior managers, who are responsible for managing the Partnership on a daily basis and ensuring that it meets its strategic, educational and financial objectives.

The EMT manages a number of academic and support managers, who in turn manage staff via faculties, departments or self-contained business units such as Workforce Skills Limited (WSL) and Modal, both of which have their own boards and directors.

Gill Alton

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Accounting Officer

Debra Gray

Principal and Deputy Chief Executive (Grimsby)

Ann Hardy

Principal (Scarborough TEC)

Adrian Clarke

Group Director of Corporate Services

Stephen Butler

Group Director of HR and Payrolls

Hugh Callaway

Group Vice Principal for Marketing and Commercial

Tony Lawlor

Group Director of Finance

The Grimsby Institute was incorporated in 1994 and is controlled by a Board of Governors, known as Corporation. The Corporation has ultimate responsibility for the success of the TEC Partnership and is supported by the Partnership’s Executive Management Team.

Need to Contact The TEC Partnership?

Please use the information buttons to contact us or find where our campuses are located throughout the United Kingdom. Telephone: 0800 315002 | Email: [email protected]