Equality Impact Assessment (EIA)

An Equality Impact Assessment is a thorough and systematic analysis of a policy to determine whether that policy is written or unwritten, formal or informal and irrespective of the scope or the size of the organisation.

An Equality Impact Assessment assesses the likely equality implications either of implementing a new policy or initiative or of the operation of a current policy, function of a service on different equality groups.

Equality Impact Assessments aim to:

  1. Increase participation
  2. Change the culture of public decision making
  3. Encourage a more proactive approach to the promotion of equality, at the heart of any public policy

The primary function of the Equality Impact Assessment should be conducted to determine whether there is a negative impact on different equality groups and they can be applied to a policy, practice or service in order:

  1. To eliminate direct and indirect discrimination
  2. To promote equality
  3. As an effective improvement tool

The process should not be looked on as an end in itself, what emerges through the process and the outcomes are what are most important. An Equality Impact Assessment should be conducted when:

  1. Existing and new policies are created or there are any structural or physical changes to buildings/timetables
  2. Learner or staff activity that may not necessarily be formally documented, e.g. social events (a range of activities should be available in order to ensure no learners or staff are unwittingly excluded)

Why conduct an Equality Impact Assessment?

  1. To ensure legislative compliance, improve customer services, aid decision-making, improve employment policy and improve public confidence through transparency
  2. Equality Impact Assessments will save time, money and help avoid problems in the long term and as such ensuring effectiveness in all formal and informal activity the TEC Partnership undertake

The TEC Partnership formally recognises its legal and moral duty to identify and address the needs and barriers that our learners may face in fulfilling their learning potential.

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