Policies and Practices Review

The aim of any review process will be to ensure that policies and procedures do not unwittingly disadvantage any particular individual in regards to any one or more of the protected characteristics that they may possess.

The TEC Partnership's review process will involve the completion of an Equality Impact Assessment (EIA), which will involve three key stages:

  1. Identification of key issues internally – where reasonable consultation should occur.
  2. Adoption of change in procedure and application of positive action – where reasonable and appropriate.
  3. Communication – all amendments should be effectively conveyed to staff, students and key stakeholders where appropriate and relevant.

Changes in policy and procedure should not be based on evidence alone but also on the moral duty and obligations to make adjustments to policies, with the aim to ensure exclusivity and eliminate unlawful discrimination in all its forms.

To contact our Quality Team regarding equality and diversity please call 0800 315 002 or email [email protected]

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