Teaching, Learning and Assessment across the TEC Partnership

Our Further and Higher Education Teaching and Learning Policy

The TEC Partnership Policy matches the standards set out in the Common Inspection Framework (2012), which includes:

  • Learning Walks – acceptable standards visits by the Principal, SMT and Leadership Group
  • Linking of observation to the Performance Management System
  • Support provided for teaching and learning staff to achieve an improvement of at least one grade at re-observation within six weeks
  • Supported by annual updating of Observers

Our Further and Higher Education Teaching and Learning Policy

The GIG has invested heavily in Coaches and Fellows to deliver training to meet the teaching and learning needs of staff. They provide support for staff and lead on addressing priorities from Self Assessment Reports. Fellows also support individual and school achievement of scholarship targets as identified in the Higher Education Teaching, Learning and Scholarship Strategy. Both submit impact reports to the Quality Improvement and Curriculum and Quality Committees.

Our Further and Higher Education Teaching and Learning Policy

The GIG recognises the different requirements of Higher Education Teaching and Learning aligned to the UK professional standards for teaching in Higher Education (UKPSF, 2011). The observation process regularly reviews:

  • The accuracy and completeness of published information
  • Student feedback on teaching and learning via questionnaires
  • Research, scholarship and professional practice to support teaching

The Dissemination of Good Practice in Teaching, Learning and Scholarship

Wikis are used as an online forum for staff to submit examples of excellence in teaching, learning, assessment and scholarship for information and good practice across the GIG.

Recognising Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Scholarship

The TEC Partnership first annual Student-led Teaching and Supporting Learning Awards were held in 2012 led by 2011/12 Higher Education students. Students decided upon categories and voted using the interactive student Wiki

Assessment Policy

The TEC Partnership Assessment policy outlines the principles of fair assessment and brings together a range of procedures relating to assessment including a robust moderation procedure, student assessment appeals procedure, recognition of prior learning (RPL) procedure, appeals procedure and malpractice procedure.

Future Improvements

The TEC Partnership strives for excellence and is always working towards achieving an Outstanding status from Ofsted. To achieve this goal, the Partnership intends to make greater use of its peer partner arrangement, further embed E-Learning through full implementation of the E-Learning Strategy and continue to utilise the Centralised Teaching & Learning and Reward & Recognition Strategies.

Need to Contact The TEC Partnership?

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