The TEC Partnership Governors

TEC Partnership Corporation (formerly the Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education) was established under the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 for the purpose of conducting its business. TEC Partnership is an exempt charity under Part 3 of the Charities Act 2011. In the delivery of its mission TEC Partnership uses brand names and trading styles in the public domain and includes, but not limited to the TEC Partnership, these include The Grimsby Institute, University Centre Grimsby, Career 6, The Academy Grimsby, Skegness TEC, Scarborough TEC, East Riding College (ERC), Modal Training and NET (National Employer Training).

Corporation Membership (12 members quorum 6)

Kai Adegbembo

Gill Alton (CEO)

Robert Edwards

Kerri Harold

Becky Huxley-Binns

Walter Leschenko

Cain Matthews (Staff)

Liz Parry

Wendy Spalding

Erika Stoddart (Chair)

Vacancy FE Student Governor

Vacancy HE Student Governor

GIFHE Board 10 Members (Quorum 5)

Robert Edwards (Interim Chair)
Jane Bowman
Debra Gray (Exec)
Rob Walsh
Jill Wilson
Joseph White (Student)
Shaesta Butt (Staff)
Neil Gammon
Two vacancies (inc Chair)

Scarborough TEC Board 10 Members (Quorum 5)

Kai Adegbembo (Chair)
Suzanne Burnett
Ann Hardy (Exec)
Tom Fox
Chandler Davis (Student)
Tracey Gyte (Staff)
Edward Asquith
Three vacancies

Modal Advisory Committee 7 Members (Quorum 3)

Liz Parry (Chair)
Hugh Callaway (Exec)
Gill Alton (CEO) (CAO)
Jonathan Lovelle (co-opted)
Erika Stoddart
Neil Carrington (co-opted)

HE Oversight Committee 5 members (Quorum 3)

Becky Huxley-Binns (Chair)
Kai Adegbembo
Student Senate President
Sarah Louise
Erika Stoddart
Robert Edwards

In attendance VP HE, Academic Registrar, Campus Principals

AUDIT Committee 6 Members (Quorum 3)

Walter Leschenko (Chair)
John White (co-opted)
Keith Pearson (co-opted)
Mike Stopper (co-opted)
Vacancy x2

Majority of Audit Members (at least 3) must be Governors (Ref: Post 16 Audit Code of Practice)

REMUNERATION Committee 5 Members (Quorum 3)

Kai Adegbembo (Chair)
Erika Stoddart
Liz Parry
Robert Edwards
Kerri Harold
Walter Leschenko

The Remuneration Committee comprises the Chair of each Local Board, the Chair of the Corporation and Chair of Audit Committee

East Riding College Board 14 members (Quorum 6)

Kerri Harold (Chair)
Lesley Archer (Vice-Chair)
Paul Arthur
Steve Bramall
Dave Cooper
Jim Harris
Linda Johnson
Sarah Louise Jones
Deborah Myers
Gail Speight
Waqas Tariq
John Uzzell
Mike Welsh (Exec)
Student Member vacancy

Contacting the Governors/Corporation

Need to Contact The TEC Partnership?

Please use the information buttons to contact us or find where our campuses are located throughout the United Kingdom. Telephone: 0800 315002 | Email: [email protected]