TEC Partnership Feedback and Complaints

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TEC Partnership welcomes feedback from members of our community on all aspects of our work. This can be given by filling in the form below. Please be aware that this information will be passed to relevant departments for review and where you have provided an email address a response will be given. A response should be received within 14 days but this may be longer during holiday periods. Feedback given which includes abusive language or tone will not be responded to.

If you are a current student you maintain the right to submit a concern directly to the staff member or manager or a complaint for full investigation should you wish.

Personal data submitted in this form will be held by the organisation for 3 years.

Please click here to submit feedback: https://forms.office.com/e/JW5QxKgpRt

A formal complaint applies only to acts or omissions which take place at a time when the complainant is an enrolled learner of the Partnership or an employer of an apprentice/employer providing a work placement. It does not, therefore, apply to applicants prior to admission with the Partnership, or to former learners of the Partnership whose complaint refers to an act or omission which took place after their enrolment has ended. For learners on Further Education programmes this applies for up to 1 month after completion of the course or withdrawal and for students on higher education programmes this applies up to 7 months after their final transcript is given or withdrawal from their programme.

Data submitted in this form will be held by the organisation for 3 years.

Please click here to submit a complaint: https://forms.office.com/e/jXMVGJHc0m

Our Feedback and Complaints policy can be found here:

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