Subcontracting policy and approach [P170 V1 20/21]


The TEC Partnership subcontracts only when it supports the needs of the region it operates in or if agreed with an employer to enhance a bespoke programme to fulfill a requirement that cannot be met internally.

In line with ESFA subcontracting funding policy. Subcontracting may be considered across 16-18, 19+ AEB and Apprenticeships. The TEC partnership will only consider a subcontract if positive due diligence, including quality and finance checks meet group expectations. All subcontracting is approved via the Executive Management Team and communicated to governors at corporation.

Services provided and Associated Fees

Prior to commencement and/ or agreement of any subcontract a full due diligence and quality assurance process will be undertaken.

Subcontracting rules across provision types vary and a full breakdown can be found within our TEC Partnership Subcontracting fees and charges policy 19/20.

For Apprenticeships, each subcontract is agreed with the employer, this includes the proportional delivery and on programme assessment and a clear break down of responsibilities and costs associated. The amount of funding retained to manage and monitor subcontractors will be detailed in line with our policy and services will include:

  • Agreed delivery model and delivery as defined by the Apprenticeship Training Service Agreement (ATSA) and formal subcontracting contract
  • ILR management, compliance and processing
  • Enrolment input and preparation of registers/progress review planning
  • Linked MIS operative to ensure courses are set up correctly and data input to maximise funding
  • Linked Quality Auditor and assessment support/Teaching Coach to support development of Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • Monthly review data – retention, achievement, success
  • Quarterly contract/Quality review meeting
  • Strategic updates in relation to funding and Inspection frameworks
  • Observation of Teaching, Learning and Assessments. The number of observations will be determined through a risk assessment process prior to engagement, including but not limited to, the number of staff delivering on GIG programmes and the curriculum mix.
  • Guidance and templates for input into the Self-Assessment process
  • Guidance and templates for Observation of Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • Provision of CPD/Staff Development activities and Best Practice Forums

Full details of subcontracting fees and types can be found within our subcontracting supply chain and fees policy. Fees are determined using a risk rating based on due diligence and provision type. For apprenticeships negotiation will need to be undertaken with the employer to agree a final funding/cost agreement.

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